Registration Forms for Out of School Club at Stoke Lodge Setting

To apply for a place at the breakfast club, or afterschool club please complete the application form below and return to us:-

Application to Join OSC.doc

To apply for a place at the holiday club please contact us.

HC Primary booking form Oct Dec 17.pdf

HC Primary booking form Feb Easter 18.pdf

HC Primary booking form summer 18.pdf

Once we have confirmed that there are sessions available for your child please download and complete the following forms and bring them to the pre school building.  Thank you.

Click to download forms:- For Out of School Club download the following (this included our terms and conditions)

Out of School Registration Forms.pdf

Registration Forms for Pre School and the Nursery

Once you have contacted us we will allocate sessions for your child.  We will then arrange for you to visit with your child prior to starting at Bright Sparks.  Please bring with you a copy of your child's birth certificate, 6 passport size photos of your child and the following completed forms:-

 Click to download forms (this includes our terms and conditions).

1. Preschool Registration Forms.pdf

Please note that we will witness the signatures on the forms.

2. Child at Home form

3. Bright Sparks uniform  order form

If you have not already booked all year round care you can book holiday club for school holidays.  Please complete the forms below and return them to the preschool.  We will then confirm your child's place.

Preschool booking form holidays Feb and Easter 18.pdf

Preschool booking form holiday summer 18.pdf