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Stanbridge Newsletter September 2017.pdf

Please read the newsletters above to find our about what's happening in the preschool and your child's class.  If you would like to join a session or can help with an activity please let your child's room leader or the Manager know and we will arrange for you to join us.


Term 1 Wednesday 6/9/17 to Friday 20/10/17
Term 2 Monday 30/10/17 to Monday 18/12/16
Term 3 Tuesday 02/01/18 to 9/2/18
Term 4 Monday 19/2/18 to Friday 23/3/18
Term 5 Monday 9/4/18 to Friday 25/5/18
Term 6 Monday 4/6/18 to Wednesday 18/7/18                                      

                  Holiday Club              

We have a holiday club which is held at Stoke Lodge Primary School.  Please book by completing the forms on the forms tab and return to the preschool.  We will then confirm your booking.